fake agario games
30 Jun 2015

Fake Agar.io games: Similars are developed

Hi folks, As far as Agar.io become really popular, people started to create their fake websites. We all know that Agar.io is getting improved day by day. Everyday Dev works hard and fortunately game-lovers have perfect ideas. For sure we – as Agar.io Game editors – all follow these. It is too

Screenshot 2015-06-14 02.17.12
25 Jun 2015

9 Reasons We Love Agar.io

If you are visiting this page, it means you are looking further for agar.io. So it means you love Agar.io. How could it be possible we love a game and we are in search about it instead of laying down and following the latest trend of social media? We tried

spawner agar.io
19 Jun 2015

Spawners and Agar.io Experiments

In previous article we mentioned about some experimental things in Agar.io such as Mother Cell and Dark Viruses. Agar.io developers still continue to try something new nowadays. As it says in the official change log document of Agar.io: New mode “Experimental” is added to game modes as third one (First

agar.io frequently asked questions faq
15 Jun 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi guys, We – as editorial team – receive lots of messages via our contact page or post comments. An important part of these questions are about some specific areas. So we decided to prepare a FAQ page about Agar.io game where you can quickly search for answers to your questions about the

mother cell in agario
11 Jun 2015

New Units in Agar.io: Mother Cell and Dark Virus

Today two new entities “Mother Cell” and “Dark Virus” is introduced in Agar.io game. You know we as fans always – day and night – play Agar.io. I saw two new units when I play Agar.io. Wow! A strange new unit is introduced! Immediately I checked the official change log document of

agario death by butt
08 Jun 2015

Death by Butt [COMIC]

I just came across this comic in Agar.io’s reddit page and wanted to share it with you. It is related to making enemy stuck into corners (edge in this example) and is really funny. The artist is thelazybassistsif on imgur, keep up good work lazy bassist, we look forward more!

Agar.io in Turkey's Politics HDP
08 Jun 2015

Agar.io is Popular in Turkey’s Politics

Today there was parliamentary election in Turkey and political parties propagate their ideas as usual especially until the day of election. Agar.io game is so popular here in Turkey that one of the political party (HDP: Democratic Party of People) in Turkey shared following Agar.io screenshot about them in their official

nicks in agar.io
06 Jun 2015

Nicks in Agar.io

Hi Agar.io fans, Today I will be talking about some nicks that I experienced in Agar.io game. As you know, “Nick” is the name that represents your entity in game. You enter your nick when you start game. You nick is the only medium that you can express yourself in the game.

Starting mass is just 9!
03 Jun 2015

Agar.io Latest News: Spawning from ejected mass

Moderator Says: Today Agar.io Game moderator has updated a new feature in the game. So from now on, players can spawn from an ejected mass. Also players can get efficiency of W to %80. Previously this rate was %90. Beginning Mass Size Change. The mass size was 10 for months, however now if

best users best videos
02 Jun 2015

AGAR.io: How to win

We want to share with you best Agar.io videos! Just click on the video to watch the best videos! Video by MrChantality / Youtube If you want us to share your video on our website, Contact Us!