agar mobile games
29 Sep 2015 Mobile Versions are Launched

Big Bang Folks! Today is the expected day! has officially mobile apps. free app games download are totally ready! Dev added another features today which made us smile. Now we don’t have to wait to play game till we reach to computer! YAY! Mobile Apps are officially:

agario account login or guest
29 Sep 2015 Account System, Membership Login and Levels

Hey guys! Today is a great day for! A new account system is introduced. From now on we will be able to login via our Facebook accounts, start game with bigger masses and the most important one, we will have a progress (level). Dev (Zeach) must be working hard! Because today

oxi for europe
29 Sep 2015 New Social Media Power

Hi Fellas, Everyday we are talking about is getting improved day by day. fans used to use the game as a social media channel.After Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, I think we can call that became one of the most famous social media channel ever. Today it was an

1 Skins Poll Result
08 Sep 2015

Most Wanted Skins Poll Results

Hi guys! A couple weeks ago we had prepared a poll and you voted for the skins that you wanted to see in game the most: Thank you for voting, August is over and here are the top 10 results of nearly 12,000 of your votes. We have sent a message