About Agar.io

Agar.io is a very addictive browser-based game [1] where you – as the player – can increase the mass of your own cell (or cells) by eating other player’s cells. The word “Agar” is the name of cell  wall of certain algae. The goal is to reach your cell to a massive size and get into the top players list on the screen.


Shortly there is only one and simple rule: “Big cell eats small cell.

To go into more detail:

  1. Eat the pellets (small foods) on the screen and other player’s smaller cells to increase the mass of your own cell(s).
  2. Avoid other player’s larger cells, escape from them, because they can eat your cell likewise.
  3. Your cell can split into half (with SPACE key) and will be thrown forward to attack and eat smaller cells.
  4. Your cell can eject mass (with W key) for some reasons (I am explaining these reasons in this post “Uses of Ejecting Mass (W Key)”, click here for further details).
  5. Avoid viruses and use them to your advantage.


The game was first published on April 28, 2015 on 4chan’s Video Games board [2]. In time it has become a very popular game all over the world because of simplicity of its rules and real-time multiplayer gameplay. The game was submitted to Steam Greenlight Community on May 3 and was instantly approved. Now (as May 20) it is been playing by up to 100K players (on average) concurrently on thousands of rooms on servers at 8 different continent locations.

About Us

This web site is to share information, tips & tricks, videos and other fun stuff about Agar.io Game. We are not developers and have no copyright on game. On the other hand, every content in this web site is written by our editor team and copyrighted. Here is just an informative and entertaining portal for Agar.io fan-gamers. Enjoy!


  1. You can Play the Game on agar.io now
  2. The 4chan board where it was first published