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15 May 2016

Huge Updates on! Bot & Lag Fix and Retina

Hello Fans, Today I am very happy to hear about the new patch on Unlike previous patches that have small bug fixes and new player skins, this patch has two great improvents. Bot fix and lag fix! Bot Fix A vast majority of players concern badly about the bots that

13 Feb 2016 Valentine Skins

Hi fans, Today added a set of skins including  4 new skins, Valentine Skins. One of them is a cupcake and it is actually a piece of cake to buy it, just 490 coins. Others are Boy Kiss, Girl Kiss and Cupid. 2900 coins. What do you think? Do you

01 Jan 2016 Veteran Skins

Hi fans, Couple of days ago announced a new type of skin set, Veteran Skins. These skins are slightly different from regular skins, political skins and premium skins. To have these Veteran skins you must be a real Veteran, in other words you should have completed a certain level

38 cup
09 Nov 2015

Highest Scores Ever Made in

Hi fans, You have submitted your scores to us and we have prepared a universal high score table. Here are the results: High Scores (for Web) Name Score Date 1 Cloud 154313 1/7/2016 2 S͟͟͠K̨͘O͘͢L̷̶̀ 140518 1/21/2016 3 KER 110323 1/8/2016 4 Trevor dM 107510 1/21/2016 5 Julien

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03 Nov 2015

Submit Your High Scores and Level

Good news Pros, Today Agario Game is proud of introducing a high score table for all players worldwide. In the past we kept a list of top dozen of players for high scores and best levels. To be honest we have received so much high score request emails, comments and messages

22 premium
01 Nov 2015 Premium Skins and Items

Hi guys! With the last mobile update released some premium skins and features. From today you can play with these premium features like 80 new premium skins, mass boost and xp boost in web game also. I am happy that all premium features are cosmetic so if you are

14 Mobile App
22 Oct 2015 Mobile App is Updated!

Hi gamers, Today Miniclip announced that has been updated to a new versions on mobile, both Android and IOS. You can download new version from the links below: Download for IOS, IPhone, IPad Download for Android Windows Phone? Not for now These are the huge new features on

12 Oct 2015

Most Wanted Skins in, Vote Yours!

Hi fans, You know “skins” are the most funny things in game. Using skins we represent what we want, sometimes our country or our favorite character or leader. On the other hand there are only a limited number of skins available for now. We receive lots of skin requests

agar mobile games
29 Sep 2015 Mobile Versions are Launched

Big Bang Folks! Today is the expected day! has officially mobile apps. free app games download are totally ready! Dev added another features today which made us smile. Now we don’t have to wait to play game till we reach to computer! YAY! Mobile Apps are officially:

agario account login or guest
29 Sep 2015 Account System, Membership Login and Levels

Hey guys! Today is a great day for! A new account system is introduced. From now on we will be able to login via our Facebook accounts, start game with bigger masses and the most important one, we will have a progress (level). Dev (Zeach) must be working hard! Because today