19 Jun 2015

Spawners and Experiments

In previous article we mentioned about some experimental things in such as Mother Cell and Dark Viruses. developers still continue to try something new nowadays. As it says in the official change log document of New mode “Experimental” is added to game modes as third one (First

Strategies to Grow Instantly When You are Small
02 Jun 2015

Strategies to Grow Instantly When You are Small

In this post I will share my experiences about growing in a faster way when you are small in I think these moments are the most boring times in game, you can’t split, eat others, form alliance… But if you do the following steps, you can grow faster and

Tips and Strategies to Become Leader in
02 Jun 2015

Tips and Strategies to Become Leader in

Hey guys, Playing game, that is what I do in the evenings at home. A few minutes ago, I was in Turkey server, started playing and there was a terrible lag. Fortunately we all know how to reduce lag in game so the lag is gone after

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30 May 2015 Avoid from corners!

Hi Guys! As much as mails we receive from fans we understand that you wonder about strategies. So I want to share this important information with you. During the game you shape yourself with your tactical moves. HOW? All of us read the other important strategy: survive till 150.   If

who is your daddy?
27 May 2015 Strategies: What’s and Why Spectate mode

This time I don’t want to write more. Click on  video below to see one of the most important strategy in the game. Spot you enemies and GO GO GO!!       Thanks for Watching! Don’t forget to share your comments.. 

12 Alliance
26 May 2015

Advantages to Have an Ally in

Hi lovers, We all read how to communicate with other players in and start cooperating with them. This time I am going to tell you what you can do with your ally – friend – to rise up in the leader-board. You know, allies are your buddies. You support

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25 May 2015

Forget everyone till 150!

So guys, this is the easiest game ever. Is it? To get the idea of the game and learn how to play is, yes, easy it is! However we need strategy in the game. So in this part we decided to share with you the Most Useful Strategies in the