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Hi guys,

Here you can see how to get leadership. This is also a late-game strategy.

Think that you are in the leaderboard but it is not enough for you! You want to be leader!

Watch it and see strategy:

  • How to survive,
  • How to rescue from someone follow you deadly and beat him back!

YAY this is the most delicious thing ever!

Don’t lose your hope. Keep going watching and just make the correct move!

Share us also with your success videos! I believe you can do better if I could!

p.s: Click video to watch!

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 Anil

 Anil


  1. cheat
    June 2, 2015 at 1:03 am — Reply hack was one of the very first and of course the best one in the moment.
    The bot features you, with your chosen name, however, it
    performs for you. The robot never loses. It measures the
    space between every thing and causes it to be impossible for the enemies to get you.
    It never lets bigger items in your area. This really is
    because the agario hack is obviously not unaware of the
    mass of every player on the map. It knows who may and who it can’t surpass.
    The agar hack is an incredibly elaborate script made from numerous elaborate calculations
    for shortest path algorithms, path finding and tracking.

    In case you haven’t discovered about, you probably may
    soon. It’s an internet multiplayer game that’s being performed
    by more than 100,000 individuals simultaneously. You start
    with a little group and eat additional gamers that are smaller and smaller static sectors.
    But, you can be eaten by the bigger gamers. The goal in the match is really to
    get as large as possible as you could and consume as numerous gamers.
    You are getting addicted once you get big enough.
    You’ve got a choice to carve your circle in 2
    and toss one half at the other gamers with bigger speed, so that you can acquire more size.
    It is possible to blend the groups over time. This game requires the players to have
    only any kind of a mouse, computer and an internet connection. It is extremely interesting and addicting.

    Yes, it’s a little hard on the beginning, but if you acquire some size and get the hang of
    it, you should possess plenty of fun beating everybody in front of you.
    You’ve the choice to perform in a Free For All mode, where you perform
    against everybody, or you are able to perform in teams.
    You might be created in play and a random team from the other two groups.
    This way is because when you’re quite little, great, one other associates that
    are bigger than you, can shield you until you get some bulk.
    The cheat does all this for you.

    • Xylon C.
      July 13, 2015 at 7:37 am — Reply

      You can also play the game mobile.

  2.  Anil
    June 2, 2015 at 1:12 am — Reply

    Thanks for your comment.

    First of all yes, this game is for fun. I think it is not to be in leaderboard. If you want to get in leaderboard easily, i think the easiest way is using photo shop rather then cheating.

    The good think in the game is starting from 9 sized mass and then getting thousands of it. survive, develop strategies, be friend with someone you have never met before, trust him, sometimes be cheated etc. These are the points which makes this game loveable and addicted.

    Therefore, i don’t agree with cheating in the game. However people will use it and people will develop it. As life, something happens even we like or not =

    Again thank you for your comment. Im sure we learn many thing from each other.
    Keep going on sharing with us…

  3. Adam
    June 13, 2015 at 12:20 pm — Reply

    Well, apparently you didn’t know a tactic that your opponents knew (but they screwed up the execution of the tactic)

    at 3:24 of the video Rainbowdash’s intention was to feed the left part of 1ad13 but he fed the right part by mistake (literally screwed up). If he had fed the left part by splitting (maybe twice) left part would be bigger than you and was going to eat you. This is a tactic that I haven’t seen in your other article.

      June 13, 2015 at 6:46 pm — Reply

      If Rainbowdash did not screw up and left part of 1ad13 would be bigger than us, our tactic would be to run :) Because it will become slower than us. is a smart game like chess. You always have a smart move over your opponents move if you are smart enough. That is why we love playing this game.

      Thanks for your participation.

      • Xylon C.
        July 13, 2015 at 7:02 am — Reply

        Well, Ibra. If Rainbowdash did feed 1ad13, ad would juggle his other half and make his smaller half go infront of you making a trap. You would be in the middle trying to escape but can’t unless you drive ad against a virus. When you’re still in the middle, after some time ad would join and eat you if he successfully joins without you eating his smaller part.

  4. Xylon C.
    July 13, 2015 at 7:35 am — Reply

    How to get to more mass:

    1. Follow tutorials on getting agariomods.

    2. Login to Facebook; the more you level up, the bigger the mass is when you start the game. Currently I think I’m lvl 15 and I start with 30.

    3. When you have mass of 250+ you should use the “bait” strategy. When you can eat a player by splitting but they aren’t in the range for you to split and eat them, eject mass (press W once) some players might go for it and when they do split and take the kill. If they get the mass and are quick to get our of your range, eject some more.

    4. Take note where the walls and corners are. This is extremely helpful and takes tactics to do. When you know where a corner is, stick near it. Don’t go too close to the corner or else smaller players wont go there because you’re visible near the corner making them stray away from the corner since they have seen the trap. Go near to the corner once in a while to check if worthy players are near the corner so you can trap them. With the walls, it only works if you are split. So when you are split, you have to be symmetrical to the wall. Now, a lot of times players stick to the walls. This is where you come in; you get into bay metrical position and trap them. When they go down, go down in a path of a diagonal one. If you’re fast enough, they’ll usually split or turn back around. When they turn back, go diagonal again which might trap them. Speaking from past experience, I hooked 300 mass in just a minute by doing this. Now the prey doesn’t have to be big, they can be small, like the ones with a mass of 30.

    5. Learn how to master on juggling. Juggling works when you are controlling two circles. Can work with three. When you juggle, it can move your other half to go in fron of you or behind you. Why juggling is important is when you have split and ate another player, that half would be bigger than the other one. That leaves your smaller half vulnerable and players who have the same mass as your bigger half would go for you small half. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR SMALL HALF TO BE EATEN. If it is eaten, you can lose around half of your mass total. When the player eats your smaller half, he can end up eating you since he is bigger than you. That’s why you can juggle your smaller half to go in front of you so the player chasing it wouldn’t get it. If you wanna risk it for the biscuit, you can try to trap the player chasing you by making him go inbetween you. If you successfully make him stay in the middle and you can become one circle again, you might eat him. This does take some skill and experience so practice comes first. Usually it goes wrong and you end up accidently fed him your smaller half when you were trying to join which would need up making him bigger and eating you since he expands and it reaches you. So, you gotta wonder if the biscuit was worth it.

      July 13, 2015 at 8:07 am — Reply

      Great tactics, thanks sir!

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