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Hey Guys, is almost one of the best web-based game today. We don’t play with it, actually we live with it. I know someone you should feel the same feeling even in the traffic lights-if others hits me and eats me- during passing across the street. OMG if you do not have the same feeling it means I play this game more than it should be.

I always wanted to communicate with other.
When I was small: “Hey Do not eat me you m**r Im just a little cell” (eaten)
When I was middle sized: “ You know what little cells, if you encourage me Im sure we can change the world! lets bring fair to world” (stayed alone and eaten)

When I was large as 500 massed: “Hey bro lets cover this virus’ right and left. We will wait for that big one and when I say you DO IT we will fire to virus, then share his all little sweety cells “ (the other one fired me at and I was eaten)


These all happened when game was new and people were rolling down as JackAss to understand what is going on.

Then we understood some tricks, as W button was giving our cells out. WOW what a sacrifice! we were giving it to out for nothing till we understand why it is.

One of our friend lost control of cursor and sent it to virus. Virus was enlarging! then BOOM! Little ugly virus was a killer for people!

Then we told each other, guys lets use it as communication! If you send me this I will not eat you. I will be with you. DEAL!


We started to share our cells with other guys to be solidarity! we don’t talk, we can’t. But anyway, if you are moving through a cell and if the other one is feeding you! this is communication, it means! Go eat him and lets play this game together!


Sure than you support other one, and others are coming. You can use feeding as communication to be together with others

For you attention, these kind of communication mostly happens among the globes which has ideologically closed nicks. As Europe countries are getting together through ISIS mostly. Turks are getting together with other Turkish meaningful nickname owners etc.


However there is an important point here! IF you try to cheat others by feeding and if you eat them when they are weak, people who they are addicted to this game can communicate on REAL WAY by blogs and forums. And you can not use your lovely nick then at all!


Do not trust everyone too much, try to keep your nick same usually. Then We can remember you!

Follow the other posts! I will show you how we became solidarity by communicating/feeding each others!

Good luck!

Use this communication method when you see me on the Game 😉

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  1. Sasha Grey
    July 25, 2015 at 8:50 pm — Reply

    Teaming up permanently is really just avoiding the rules and basically cheating. There is a reason why there is a delay after you split to become whole again and that is to make you vulnerable after you grew.

    Teaming up with someone entirely gets rid of this needed mechanism and, be honest, makes it impossible not to win.

    W your friend or let him eat everything of you except one cell.
    He W back to you and/or splits himself for you to eat most of him.
    Then you’re as big as before just seconds after you took the supposed risk of splitting and can repeat this process indefenitely.

    Not fun,

  2. | improved skins one more level up. Political Leaders are Skins from now on
    July 29, 2015 at 3:20 am — Reply

    […] our early writings, we mentioned about how to start teaming and advantages of teaming. To sum up “teaming” in is to act in an ally state […]

  3. XOM
    August 23, 2015 at 4:56 pm — Reply

    This. This is what makes this game so brilliant. Communication trough actions alone. You do something good for others, they surely pay back. If you are mean, people are mean to you as well. Team playing just works so well in this game, one can completely trust the teammate, even give ones life for him/her knowing that he/she will definitely give you mass when you return.

    And oh boy, that intensity when two big teams clash their cells and try to overpower the other team. It makes slow big cell games super entertaining and interesting. Not so interesting to those who are caught in between though.

    Only saddening thing about teaming is that most people eat just everybody, whether it’s beneficial or not. That makes it really annoying for other players. On the other hand, it adds some real sense of danger to the game, so surviving as a lone cell is quite entertaining as well. And when those guys make a mistake… it’s time to turn the tables!

    I really do hope that they won’t nerf cell actions to prevent teaming, but rather make adjustments to the game arena. For example, viruses are no real threat to teams because they can clear them easily. There could be objects that prevent big cells moving trough them, or injure them to spew some mass in random directions (like W). Anyway, something that will give some troubles to even those who choose to team up.

  4. Born2Game04
    October 2, 2015 at 7:18 pm — Reply

    I need help
    i press W and it bring a chat at the below my cell i press w again and it goes in the chat so i have to press enter every time
    Plz help if u know how to get rid of this
    Thank You

  5. Ra'liyah
    November 22, 2015 at 4:33 am — Reply

    I love this idea. If you help me I’ll help you my usual name is Salute. Today I was #4 on the leaderboards. If I’m not Salute then I’m doge (only at school I’m doge barely at home). (Yes I play at school). I’m really good I’ll help anyone that needs it. Game on peeps :)

  6. Illshootyoumass
    September 16, 2016 at 8:40 pm — Reply

    My Name Is IllShootYouMass.Im venus.I shoot mass to you if you dont eat me.I am very friendly,and will give myself to you if I get bored.Thanx

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