How to Start Playing


In this article I will talk about how to start playing and which configuration means what in game landing page.

This is what you see when you type on your address bar of your web-browser.

How to Start Playing

  1. On the first field (shown as 1 in red) you should type your nickname. You will be represented in game with that name. If you type particular names your cell will has a skin (see this post about skins for more).
  2. On the second field (shown as 2 in red) you should select your region. For now there are 8 regions which are listed below. You should select the region which you think is near to you. These servers are:
    • US WEST
    • US EAST
    • EUROPE
    • RUSSIA
    • CHINA
  3. On the third field (shown as 3 in red) you should select the mode of game you want to play. There are two modes of game:
    • FFA (Free for all): In this mode every player is individual and can interact (eat or be eaten) with everyone. Leaders on leader-board are real players.
    • Teams: In this mode you are a member of a team which is represented as a color (blue, red and green). Team members – players with the same color – can not eat themselves. They play cooperatively against other teams, players with the other colors. In this mode teams are on the leader-board shown as pie-chart instead players.


  1. No skins: When you check “No skins”, you won’t see anyone’s selected skin. All players will only have colors and names.
  2. No names: When you check “No names”, you won’t see anyone’s nickname. Every player will be nameless.
  3. Dark theme: When you check “Dark theme”, a dark theme will be enabled instead white backgroud. It may be better for your eyes :)
  4. No colors: When you check “No colors”, you won’t see anyone’s color. Every player will be colorless.
  5. Show mass: I strongly recommend this one should be selected. When you check this setting, your mass size is displayed under your name and you will be aware of what is going on. You will make smarter moves.

Tip: “No skins” + “No colors” combo will be good if you play this game in a NSFW environment for less attraction 😉

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  1. duke
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    I like the game

    •  Anil
      June 30, 2015 at 8:28 pm — Reply

      We are the sam Duke =)

       Anil

  2. simon
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