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29 Sep 2015

Agar.io: New Social Media Power

Hi Fellas, Everyday we are talking about Agar.io is getting improved day by day. Agar.io fans used to use the game as a social media channel.After Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, I think we can call that Agar.io became one of the most famous social media channel ever. Today it was an

Agar.io Skins Poll Result
08 Sep 2015

Most Wanted Skins Poll Results

Hi guys! A couple weeks ago we had prepared a poll and you voted for the skins that you wanted to see in Agar.io game the most: Thank you for voting, August is over and here are the top 10 results of nearly 12,000 of your votes. We have sent a message

Best Levels High Scores in Agar.io
29 Jul 2015

Best Levels Ever in Agar.io

Hi guys! A few weeks ago we have announced level system is introduced in Agar.io and told everyone to post their best levels to be a part of our best level leader-board. Our board will be kept up-to-date. If you think you have a better score just post your score into

Screenshot 2015-07-21 00.27.19
21 Jul 2015

Agar.io Skins II: Politic Leaders |Agar.io improved skins one more level up. Political Leaders are Agar.io Skins from now on

Join the poll, make your skin added! Hi Everyone, Im sure you are starving for new skins. People of Agar.io are working everyday to respond our requests. Of course every request is not possible to be responded however, c’mon they are trying hard. It seems this is a new “wind” for

teaming in agar.io
12 Jul 2015

Agar.io: Teaming in FFA mode

Hi Agar.io fans, In our early writings, we mentioned about how to start teaming and advantages of teaming. To sum up “teaming” in Agar.io is to act in an ally state with another player for mutual benefits. You can start teaming with another player by proving him that he can trust

Best Levels High Scores in Agar.io
11 Jul 2015

Submit Your Best Levels in Agar.io

Latest update made the game funnier!   New Competition: “Who gets the best level?” Till now we were following the best scores, but so far it seems, fans liked the level competition. So If you share your levels with us, we can also post in our website! The process is

agario party mode
10 Jul 2015

Agar.io Party Mode, Play with Your Friends |New game mode is added to the most addictive web based game Agar.io. Agario Party Mode is detailed for you

We all love to play Agar.io, right? Agar.io is double enjoyable when you play it with your friends in the same game room. In the past there were two methods how to play Agar.io with your friends: 1. Using a Browser Extension: A couple of months ago we shared a

Connecting If you cannot connect to the servers, check if you have some anti virus or firewall blocking the connection
04 Jul 2015

Play Agar.io Unblocked

Hi fellas! These days we have been receiving tons of e-mails about how to play Agar.io unblocked at places applying a restriction policy to internet like some schools, offices and public area networks. They say an empty page or a network connection error message is appeared when they try to

fake agario games
30 Jun 2015

Fake Agar.io games: Similars are developed

Hi folks, As far as Agar.io become really popular, people started to create their fake websites. We all know that Agar.io is getting improved day by day. Everyday Dev works hard and fortunately game-lovers have perfect ideas. For sure we – as Agar.io Game editors – all follow these. It is too


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