highest score ever
02 Jun 2015 GamePlay and Highest Score Ever

We want to share with you best videos! Just click on the video to watch the best videos!     Video by Kemal Anıl Hiçyılmaz / Youtube If you want us to share your video on our website, Contact Us!

Strategies to Grow Instantly When You are Small
02 Jun 2015

Strategies to Grow Instantly When You are Small

In this post I will share my experiences about growing in a faster way when you are small in I think these moments are the most boring times in game, you can’t split, eat others, form alliance… But if you do the following steps, you can grow faster and

updated zoon
02 Jun 2015 Zoom in / Zoom Out

Ladies and Gentlemen,   Game is keeping going on to be updated. New feature is Zooming In to screen during playing. You can zoom out only if you zoom in.   WOW! I don’t know if you want to use it or not, but in zoomed in mode, you feel game

Tips and Strategies to Become Leader in
02 Jun 2015

Tips and Strategies to Become Leader in

Hey guys, Playing game, that is what I do in the evenings at home. A few minutes ago, I was in Turkey server, started playing and there was a terrible lag. Fortunately we all know how to reduce lag in game so the lag is gone after

agario lag problem
30 May 2015 Lag problem, how to reduce lag?

Hi fellas, This is the time to make your game faster! As you know, millions of of people all over the world loved game. The game is published just one month ago and now it is being played by tens of thousands people. This is the screenshot I captured

Click for Settings to Gear
30 May 2015 : How to choose server / region ?

Hi everyone, Everyone who follows game regularly might realised that login page has been updated. It seems more agile now then previous one. Many people goes to login page and writes a nickname for them before clicking play button. But golden oldies know that there were something more few

Screenshot 2015-05-30 01.42.20
30 May 2015 Avoid from corners!

Hi Guys! As much as mails we receive from fans we understand that you wonder about strategies. So I want to share this important information with you. During the game you shape yourself with your tactical moves. HOW? All of us read the other important strategy: survive till 150.   If

How to Play with Your Friends
28 May 2015

How to Play with Your Friends

Hi fans! As all you know, a player selects is assigned to a server (e.g. USA West, Europe or China…) in order to play game. Then the player is randomly assigned into one of rooms in that server having different players, leaders and stories. Do you wish playing

Settings of Game
28 May 2015 How to change Settings

I always forget to choose some settings before the game. It makes me angry because I don’t like to play without seeing how much mass I have… I play much! sometimes when Im leader it’s 2nd hour at game.. My eyes are getting wet by white screen… How can I