Spawners and Experiments

In previous article we mentioned about some experimental things in such as Mother Cell and Dark Viruses. developers still continue to try something new nowadays. As it says in the official change log document of


- Spawners which shoot out some food
- Throwing mass at viruses will push them instead of making them split

We have moved those changes into a game mode called "Experimental".

experiment setting

New mode “Experimental” is added to game modes as third one (First one is FFA and the second one is Team). When you select this mode, you start in a world where “Experimental” rules are running. These rules are:


A spawner is a dark red thing that looks like a virus. However it continuously spawns foods around itself. It is like the baby version of Mother Cell. You can wander around spawners to collect more foods. But do not forget that everyone wants that so be careful about other players.


I tried to shoot/eject a mass into a spawner. Guess what! It spawned more! If a spawner got shot it spawns more foods than it usually does. Maybe (it is my guess) it releases the same amount of mass it takes.

Another thing I can say about spawners is they are more dangerous than viruses. I experimented to see what happens if you touch a spawner. It is like a normal virus but it instantly kills you if you are smaller than that. Its effect is the same as a normal virus if you are bigger, you just explode and split into parts.

Throwing Mass at Viruses

Second new thing is “Throwing mass at viruses will push them instead of making them split”. You all know that only thing you can move a virus is to hit it 7 times and then a new baby virus is born and thrown in the opposite direction where the virus is hit. In that case, the virus moves only one unit in the opposite direction where the virus is hit and there is no new baby virus.

These were the new rules that being experimented. Maybe they will be added to original game, who knows. If you have more infomation about these new rules please enlighten us in the comments.

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