03 Nov 2015

Submit Your High Scores and Level

Good news Pros, Today Agario Game is proud of introducing a high score table for all players worldwide. In the past we kept a list of top dozen of players for high scores and best levels. To be honest we have received so much high score request emails, comments and messages

Best Levels High Scores in
29 Jul 2015

Best Levels Ever in

Hi guys! A few weeks ago we have announced level system is introduced in and told everyone to post their best levels to be a part of our best level leader-board. Our board will be kept up-to-date. If you think you have a better score just post your score into

Best Levels High Scores in
11 Jul 2015

Submit Your Best Levels in

Latest update made the game funnier!   New Competition: “Who gets the best level?” Till now we were following the best scores, but so far it seems, fans liked the level competition. So If you share your levels with us, we can also post in our website! The process is