updated zoon agar.io
02 Jun 2015

Agar.io: Zoom in / Zoom Out

Ladies and Gentlemen,   Game is keeping going on to be updated. New feature is Zooming In to screen during playing. You can zoom out only if you zoom in.   WOW! I don’t know if you want to use it or not, but in zoomed in mode, you feel game

Screenshot 2015-05-30 01.42.20
30 May 2015

Agar.io: Avoid from corners!

Hi Guys! As much as mails we receive from fans we understand that you wonder about strategies. So I want to share this important information with you. During the game you shape yourself with your tactical moves. HOW? All of us read the other important strategy: survive till 150.   If

How to Play Agar.io with Your Friends
28 May 2015

How to Play Agar.io with Your Friends

Hi Agar.io fans! As all you know, a player selects is assigned to a server (e.g. USA West, Europe or China…) in order to play Agar.io game. Then the player is randomly assigned into one of rooms in that server having different players, leaders and stories. Do you wish playing

Settings of Game
28 May 2015

Agar.io: How to change Settings

I always forget to choose some settings before the game. It makes me angry because I don’t like to play without seeing how much mass I have… I play much! sometimes when Im leader it’s 2nd hour at game.. My eyes are getting wet by white screen… How can I

who is your daddy?
27 May 2015

Agar.io Strategies: What’s and Why Spectate mode

This time I don’t want to write more. Click on  video below to see one of the most important strategy in the game. Spot you enemies and GO GO GO!!       Thanks for Watching! Don’t forget to share your comments.. 

Agar.io Alliance
26 May 2015

Advantages to Have an Ally in Agar.io

Hi Agar.io lovers, We all read how to communicate with other players in Agar.io and start cooperating with them. This time I am going to tell you what you can do with your ally – friend – to rise up in the leader-board. You know, allies are your buddies. You support

we know how to be winner
26 May 2015

agariogame.com: King of the Agar.io Game

Hi Guys, We are not sharing you the information only we know. We are sharing with you our experiences.   Take a look! With our advises, we are sure that next winner is you! OMG!  Don’t beat me when you are in the game with me =)   to see

Screenshot 2015-05-25 18.04.27
25 May 2015

Agar.io Server Fails

We all know the worst thing in the Agar.io game is connection lost! God damn! you played for 2 hours to be leader and then oops! Server’s gone!   Sometimes we can face with server is out of connection. During game if you see this kind of fail screen: There is not

How to Start Playing Agar.io
25 May 2015

How to Start Playing Agar.io

Hi, In this article I will talk about how to start playing and which configuration means what in Agar.io game landing page. This is what you see when you type agar.io on your address bar of your web-browser. On the first field (shown as 1 in red) you should type

How to get special skins
24 May 2015

About Agar.io Skins

Join the poll, make your skin added! Check out new skins! Hey Guys! When you first discover the agar.io something seems you odd! You see there are people with pictures,flags, images etc. Immediately you think about “WOW how these people got this images. So cool! Where can I get it ?”