agario account login or guest
29 Sep 2015 Account System, Membership Login and Levels

Hey guys! Today is a great day for! A new account system is introduced. From now on we will be able to login via our Facebook accounts, start game with bigger masses and the most important one, we will have a progress (level). Dev (Zeach) must be working hard! Because today

agario party mode
10 Jul 2015 Party Mode, Play with Your Friends |New game mode is added to the most addictive web based game Agario Party Mode is detailed for you

We all love to play, right? is double enjoyable when you play it with your friends in the same game room. In the past there were two methods how to play with your friends: 1. Using a Browser Extension: A couple of months ago we shared a

How to Play with Your Friends
28 May 2015

How to Play with Your Friends

Hi fans! As all you know, a player selects is assigned to a server (e.g. USA West, Europe or China…) in order to play game. Then the player is randomly assigned into one of rooms in that server having different players, leaders and stories. Do you wish playing