09 Nov 2015

Highest Scores Ever Made in

Hi fans, You have submitted your scores to us and we have prepared a universal high score table. Here are the results: High Scores (for Web) Name Score Date 1 Cloud 154313 1/7/2016 2 S͟͟͠K̨͘O͘͢L̷̶̀ 140518 1/21/2016 3 KER 110323 1/8/2016 4 Trevor dM 107510 1/21/2016 5 Julien

103 cup
03 Nov 2015

Submit Your High Scores and Level

Good news Pros, Today Agario Game is proud of introducing a high score table for all players worldwide. In the past we kept a list of top dozen of players for high scores and best levels. To be honest we have received so much high score request emails, comments and messages