we know how to be winner
26 May 2015

agariogame.com: King of the Agar.io Game

Hi Guys, We are not sharing you the information only we know. We are sharing with you our experiences.   Take a look! With our advises, we are sure that next winner is you! OMG!  Don’t beat me when you are in the game with me =)   to see

how to be a leader in agario
24 May 2015

Agar.io: How to be leader

Hi guys, Here you can see how to get leadership. This is also a late-game strategy. Think that you are in the leaderboard but it is not enough for you! You want to be leader! Watch it and see strategy: How to survive, How to rescue from someone follow you

Agar.io Alliance
23 May 2015

How to communicate with others in Agar.io

Hey Guys, Agar.io is almost one of the best web-based game today. We don’t play with it, actually we live with it. I know someone you should feel the same feeling even in the traffic lights-if others hits me and eats me- during passing across the street. OMG if you